Maine Trucking For Kids Convoy

Supporting Camp Sunshine and local law enforcement youth programs

Top Fundraiser- Name: Jack Roussel Company: PAF Transportation
Amount: $3,370.00
Trophy and $150.00 Gift Card prize sponsored by Irving Oil


2nd Highest Fundraiser- Name: Dennis Hamel Company: Michaud Distributors
Amount: $1,000
Trophy and $100.00 Gift Card prize sponsored by Irving Oil

3rd Highest Fundraiser- Name: Scott Edwards Company: Nestle/Poland Spring
Amount: $700.00
Trophy and $50.00 Gift Card prize sponsored by Irving Oil

Top Company Fundraiser –
Irving Oil Terminals


Trophies sponsored by
Maine Motor Transport Association

4th Place
Name: Ken Duncan
Company: Walmart
Score: 190

3rd Place
Name: Nate Lewis
Company: Walmart
Score: 225

2nd Place
Name: Rob Fernald
Company: Walmart
Score: 240

1st Place
Name: Ed Fernald
Company: Pottle’s Transportation
Score: 240

(Tie-breaker went to Ed as he scored a perfect 50
on more obstacles than Rob.)

Truck Driving Competition Awards

Charlie Mansfield Memorial Truck Driving Challenge
Sponsored by Northeast Technical Institute

Driver Company

Bobtail - 2nd Place Nate Lewis Walmart
Bobtail - 1st Place Fred Peckham Cappello

Straight Truck - 2ndPlace Chris Bradley Mariner Beverages
Straight Truck -1st Place Anthony Dascano Giroux Energy

Tanker - 2ndPlace Joe Wagner Irving Oil Terminals
Tanker -1st Place Jim Costa WDW Trucking
Heavy Equipment - 2ndPlace John Chretien Bob’s Garage
Heavy Equipment -1st Place Raymond Letarte Khiel Logging

Antique - 2ndPlace Denis Litalien Shaw’s Supermarkets
Antique -1st Place Donald Mitsmenn

Alternate Mode -2nd Place Rowland Turgeon Buxton Fire Dept.
Alternate Mode -1st Place Jeff Burns Jake & Jules Fire Dept.

Pick-up Truck -1st Place Eric Barden Wolfe Transportation

Flatbed Class – 2 nd Place Diane Roussel Charlie’s Auto
Flatbed Class – 1st Place Steven Preston Charlie’s Auto

Wrecker Class – 2 nd Place Bubba Stewart Stewart’s
Wrecker Class – 1st Place Brandon Engers

Small Fleet Van – 2 nd Place Ken Duncan Yarmouth Lumber
Small Fleet Van – 1st Place Jack Roussel PAF Transportation

Large Fleet Van – 2 nd Place Rick Chaisson Shaw’s Supermarkets
Large Fleet Van – 1st Place Judy Martin Prime, Inc.

Kids Choice Award – 2nd Place Chris Libby City of Portland
Kids Choice Award – 1 st Place Pete Mortensen Walmart

Vehicle that traveled furthest to attend: Cappello Distance: 100 miles.

Company with most vehicles in Convoy: Walmart #Vehicles: 4

sponsored by
Maine Motor Transport Association